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Ready for a CLEAN START?

28 Day R & R

REBOOT your body & REWIRE your brain! 

Jan 5th-Feb 2nd

Lose weight, have more energy, attract what you WANT in the new year!

Plan of Action:

14 Day CleanStart Cleanse- a gentle cleanse designed to rid the body of daily environmental toxins, cleanse the bowels and the liver, increase energy and help the body prepare to lose weight if necessary.

Anti-inflammatory Diet- by eliminating foods that cause inflammation in the body, we can address imbalances such as fatigue, joint pain, bowel inflammation and more!

Elevated Eleven Probiotic- a probiotic containing 11 beneficial bacteria, as well as prebiotics to help bring balance to the intestinal flora...our Microbiome! A healthy gut boosts the immune system and brain function.

Mineral Chi Tonic- Energy in a bottle! A blend of trace minerals and Chinese Adaptogen herbs designed to give your body energy and daily stress support. Dr. Leslie's favorite adrenal product!

Private FaceBook Group led by Dr. Leslie where you can experience an open forum with others participating in the CleanStart program. Dr. Leslie will not only guide you through your 28 days but will post her favorite recipes, health tips and share some incredible education videos to help you reboot your body and rewire your brain! Click HERE to join

*Product total Approximately $153 depending on your state's sales tax. These are lowest price (under retail cost). Current clients can order from their existing NSP accounts. New accounts will be set up or products drop shipped by Dr. Leslie. There is NO charge to be part of the FB Group or interaction via the group with Dr. Leslie during the 28 days.





**Optional Add Ons for an OPTIMAL mind and body SHIFT!**

Discounted sessions for participants only- Remote scans available for those living outside of the Nashville area!

Weight Loss Scan- let your body tell you what foods you need to avoid in order to have a better weight loss experience. The scan will also show exercise suggestions and additional information that will be helpful during your 28 days. $75 (Reg $150)

Emotional Frequencies Scan- this scan shows emotions on a subconscious level that may be leading to physical imbalances. Each scan includes an individualized energetic remedy (drops) to help bring balance to these negative frequencies. Clients have experienced better sleep, mood and energy. $75 (Reg $125)

Get BOTH scans for $125 ($245 value)


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