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"Offering HOPE for Better Eating, Living & Thinking"

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BE WELL NOW SESSIONS with Bioenergetic Assessment

This is an individual session designed to address immediate, acute or chronic wellness challenges. Dr. Leslie takes a whole body approach in identifying possible sources of imbalance in the body which may be leading to current physical symptoms. She looks at potential food triggers, lifestyle habits, stress levels and emotional contributors that lead to dis-ease in the body. Dr. Leslie uses an innovative tool called bio-energetic assessment that helps reveal possible triggers for your body's imbalances, as well as nutritional sources that may bring those areas back into optimal levels! She will help you with beneficial nutritional changes, as well as individualized supplement programs and possible detoxifications to enhance your journey to better eating, living and thinking! 

Initial Wellness Session (in office):  

Bio-energetic Assessment

Wellness Consultation

Nutrition Plan

*includes 2 homeopathic supplements

(Herbal/nutritional supplements not included)

Investment: $150

Remote Wellness Sessions: (for those out of the area or prefer remote session)

Bio-energetic Assessment

Wellness Consult by Zoom or Phone

Nutrition Plan

(Supplements not included)

Investment: $125

Remote Wellness Sessions with Report & Email only

Investment: $95

DISCLAIMER:  Leslie Shew is not a medical doctor. Her PhD is in Natural Health Sciences and she is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach offering nutritional education to clients looking for a natural approach to experiencing balance and overall wellness. Dr. Leslie's services do NOT include diagnosis or treatment of disease. For diagnosis and treatment, please see your primary care physician.


This program is designed for those who are struggling with stress related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, procrastination, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, chronic fatigue, as well as those looking for support for ADD/ADHD or a mindset shift. These sessions are designed to help you identify limiting beliefs and create new ones that serve you. Let Dr. Leslie help you “get your shift together!"

You will get weekly or bi-weekly support for shifting your thinking to get what you want while learning ways to decrease stress and anxiety in your life!

*Minimum 4 Sessions. 8 Sessions recommended

Holistic Wellness Coaching Packages:

Individual Session $150 (60 minutes) 

4 Sessions $525 (60 minutes)

8 Sessions $895 (60 minutes)



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