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Dr. Leslie has been a wellness coach for me for several years and a trusted advisor.  I was so excited to learn she was going to provide life coaching as well.  We discussed some areas of my life that I feel are not moving in the desired direction.  Dr. Leslie gave me some actionable ideas to help me not only figure out what it is I really want out of life but how I can start to get there.  She was great to break it down into digestible pieces that don't seem as overwhelming.  Dr. Leslie is always good about providing additional material such as books or videos and she did that today as well.  It was a very positive experience and I know already that she has helped me reset my perspective. -Cindy


Dr. Leslie was a wonderful coach. We really dug into some areas of my life where I felt like I was putting unrealistic expectations on myself and she helped to work through my own thoughts and notions around that. She framed the questions in such a thoughtful way that really helped me feel supported and heard.  -Rachel

Dr. Leslie really helped me focus on one thing and set a game plan for goals. That’s generally very difficult for me to do because I have so many things on my plate and have a very difficult time prioritizing what to do first. 

She was really helpful in asking very specific and relevant questions which enabled me to actually find a way to prioritize. I generally feel like everything is a priority so I get stuck, but her questions and her directing me during the session enabled me to move beyond that both times. It also made me want to become a life coach!

I look forward to more sessions with her. I’m really grateful for the time that we’ve had so far.



"This scan is amazing!!! Can't believe how much SPOT ON information it gives you!"

Shane A.


"Awesome experience ... This scan is amazing!" 

- Timra S.

"Honestly have to comment about the impressive health scan I received at Be Well Nashville last week. Very grateful for Dr. Leslie's wisdom and fun natural medicine store. Dr. Leslie introduced me to this incredible technology. It's a cool health bio scan technology."  

- Omar C.

"Thank you Leslie for my scan. Such an amazing tool to work with. I'm looking forward to getting my health and wellness back in balance!!"

- Shannen L.


"This class has just been the best!  Leslie is super knowledgeable and definitely my "go to." Do yourself a favor and sign up. Not to mention the great new friendships with the other group members I have as a result."
- Bev F.
"I cannot express enough how much the past eight weeks have meant to me. I truly feel like for the first time in my life I am in control of my health!  You made the journey so much fun and it was truly an eye opening experience. You are not only a professional, but a teacher, and a true friend." 
- Gavin W.
"I signed up to learn about how to eat more healthy, read labels, learn about what my overall lifestyle contributes to or distracts from my well being. What I learned is amazing and very helpful.The setting was perfect, east sharing abut ourselves, what our life is like and how we are all ready to get healthy and change for the long term... LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Sign up, you will thank yourself later and say why didn't I do this sooner."   
- Joy M.
"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class. In my head, I thought up every excuse to not sign up. But I did. I am so very grateful for this class. This class is the real deal. Leslie is FULL of knowledge beyond. If you want to get healthy, or lose weight the healthy way, learn about your bodies and what you should eat and how to live healthy lives. I cannot recommend this class enough. I have been telling everyone I know about it. Beyond grateful!"   
- Lorrie H. 


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