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Thank you for your interest in The Love Project!

Here is what you get:

1. Private Facebook group with Dr. Leslie 

2. FB lives from tips for managing stress and anxiety, recipes, group meditations, yoga & more!

3. Access to Dr. Leslie's online course, The Stress Effect

4. Live ZOOM calls for Love lessons and Q&A, group meditations & discussions

5. Nutritional supplement education 

6. Discounted remote Bio-energetic Sessions

7. Support from a community of others seeking more LOVE!

Like many of you, my business has been significantly hit due to the closure of my office. My desire is to offer this group to anyone and everyone who may be struggling with our current challenge.  I am asking for a suggested donation of $47. One reason I believe it is important to have a dollar amount attached to a group like this is because we all value something more that we are invested options generally don't get our priority. Secondly, this is a way for me to continue paying my office rent so that I have a place to return as soon as we get the freedom to do so. All that being said, if you are unable to donate the full $47 for any reason, please feel free to donate what you can. If you are someone who is blessed to still be working and would like to donate a scholarship for someone else, please note that in your Venmo or PayPal payment!  This group is open to anyone wanting to release fear and anxiety while diving deeper into LOVE in a safe community of like minded individuals so feel free to SHARE! 

Payment options:

*Venmo:  @Leslie-Shew (black tank top)


Click below to be added to the private FB group!

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