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Wellness is the harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™)

Through ideomotor testing, we are able to identify the combination of emotions, limiting beliefs, hormones, neurotransmitters (and more) that are repeatedly mobilized and causing stress in the body. MBSR™ helps to reduce emotional and physical stress on the body. Instead of being directed by subconscious reactions, MBSR™ helps us to recognize what is impacting our emotions and behavior, and “deactivate” the reactions. 

What is Mind Body Spirit Release™ all about?

(information cited from Amanda Mirabella, Master MBSR practitioner)

MBSR™ has helped clients with: 

-breaking free from disordered eating patterns 

-improving their relationship with their body

-reducing fear and anxiety

-progressing physical health + healing

-gaining confidence

-improve business outcomes (build business, increase profit)

-mend relationships

-improve self-worth and self-image


What will I experience after an MBSR™ session?

Some people immediately feel like a weight is lifted: very relaxed and, hopeful/joyful. Occasionally, some clients experience a  detox of sorts; their body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins. Symptoms of this detox could be fatigue, headaches, nausea or even a brief resurgence of past physical or emotional issues. Be gentle with yourself and rest as needed- it typically passes within 24 hours. 

How many sessions will I need?

There's not a set number of sessions you will need to accomplish your goal, but it's not a "one and done" approach! Energy work accelerates improvement, but all holistic approaches take time. A good phrase to keep in mind is "go slow to go fast." The intention of this work is always to "graduate" clients; I want you to accomplish your goals and move onward. 

Skeptical? Have questions? For more information,

podcast interview and videos, Click HERE 


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