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How to Overcome Fatigue, Anxiety, Weight Gain and the Many Effects of Stress

When was the last time you felt exhausted? Ever over-tired or even woke up drained after 8 or 9 hours of sleep? Ever find yourself quickly overwhelmed at the smallest of things?

This course is designed to introduce you to the effects stress has on your body, your mind and your quality of life. You will learn about the stress response from our adrenal glands, the body's response to inflammatory foods and the mind's ability to control what we attract into our lives. This is a crash course in wellness!

Dr. Leslie not only shares her years of knowledge through her advanced training in the wellness field but she brings the things she has learned from her own personal healing journey from stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue and more. Our human experience, rest and relative comfort are all determined by basic health concepts we all should know and individually understand.

Join Dr. Leslie in learning more about the possible causes of chronic fatigue, how stress effects our bodies and what adrenal fatigue is all about, but more importantly how you can take back your life! You will learn her 6 Key Steps that she uses in teaching her clients how to regain their energy.

The course will cover topics such as healthy eating, the gut brain connection, mindset retraining and the benefits of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Join Dr. Leslie in discovering the new you! Let her experience be your guide to better eating, living and thinking.



*Over 3 hours of online course time!

*BONUS video with TMAC Fitness AND a 1 Month FREE membership for incredible at home workouts!!


*BONUS video of my private interview with WHOLETONES creator, Michael Tyrrell. Learn how healing frequency music can reduce your anxiety, help you sleep better and stimulate your own body's ability to heal. It works for pets too!


*FREE download copy of Dr Leslie's Be Well E-book

*Dr Leslie's Private Facebook Group: My Wellness Tribe and access to MWT You Tube Channel

                                            My Wellness Tribe Members pay only $47!

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