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The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction

“Can you share your Law of Attraction manifestation story?” That’s a question most students of LOA like to get answered whenever possible. The basic concept of LOA is simple. As Abraham-Hicks puts it, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” But what about applying LOA in their “real world” lives? That’s where students of LOA often trip up. So hearing the successful manifestation stories of others often help us all to believe, despite what “reality” insists on telling us. Editor Walt Thiessen collected, edited, and in some cases helped with rewriting 55 real life Law of Attraction manifestation stories from 39 authors.


The result is an amazing collection of the most inspiring, entertaining, intriguing stories of how average people have leveraged the Law of Attraction to bring amazing results into their lives. Most of the contributors are Law of Attraction life coaches, therapists, Reiki practitioners, and other alternative disciplines that are heavily influenced by new thought practices. This is a collection of stories that people will keep on their coffee table or their night stand to get that special daily dose of "happy" we all need and crave every day of our lives. It's even tastier than chicken soup!

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