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Be Well Consultations - Investment 

Specializing in nutrition, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, intestinal health, weight loss & more.

In this comprehensive session we will look at the body as a whole for possible underlying triggers for presenting symptoms.   50 Min $125

Supplement Support Session:

Perfect for those already on a wellness program who want to re-evaluate their supplement protocol or for someone just wanting help navigating their way though nutritional supplementation.  

Dr. Leslie uses Wellevate Telehealth by Emerson Ecologics who carries over 300 practitioner brands as well as high potency herbal blends from Nature's Sunshine!

30 minutes  $65

*All Telehealth sessions are pre-paid for when scheduled. 

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Red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

The Perfectio X is an innovative red and infrared LED light therapy device, designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits as well as rejuvenates, tighten and strengthen your skin. Red Light Therapy also provides a reduction in pain and inflammation based on current research studies.


*Improved Skin tone, clarity & complexion

*Diminishes age spots & fine lines & wrinkles

*Stimulates production of collagen & elastin

*Increases blood circulation

*Speeds muscle recovery

*Reduces join pain & reduction

 Facial Treatment $50

 Facial and Hand treatment $65

 Pain Management $50

 Rental Unit 1 week  $150

*anti-aging unit only

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