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Lunch & Learns

Topics vary from anxiety and stress management, nutrition, gut health, immune system support, mindset education & Enneagram Personality Overview.

Enneagram Coaching

Take a deeper dive into relational patterns and communication.





Anxiety & Stress Management

Living with anxiety can be challenging and lead to health issues. In addition, anxiety can inhibit professional growth and focus. Dr. Leslie offers a variety of tools to help reduce the effects of stress that can help to improve work performance. 

Wellness Consulting

Nutritional Support

Weight Management

Chronic Stress and Fatigue

Holistic Wellness Solutions

Enneagram Personality Inventory

The Enneagram not only identifies personality characteristics but uncovers motivation, core fears, core weakness, core desires, conflict paths and growth development.

Group Wellness



*Stress Support

Discovery Call

Book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to identify what program is best for your company.

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