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I believe and teach The Law of Attraction and this book is full of true stories of how folks manifested what they wanted in their lives, including mine! Check out my story, "Fins Up" in this incredible book of happiness!

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Attraction manifestation stories from 39 authors. The result is an amazing collection of the most inspiring, entertaining, intriguing stories of how average people have leveraged the Law of Attraction to bring amazing results into their lives.

This is a collection of stories that people will keep on their coffee table or their night stand to get that special daily dose of "happy" we all need and crave every day of our lives. It's even tastier than chicken soup!

Check out Dr. Leslie's New Year, New You tips from the All About Nashville show, WXNA, 101.5 FM!

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Brain Health!
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Stress and Adrenals-  Health and Happiness Movement Podcast

Aside from her upcoming book and individual publishing efforts, Dr. Leslie is hosting new creative educational video and television series targeting brain health, concussion protocols for professional NFL football athletes and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors. Her recently featured interviews on the Health and Happiness Movement, with Jenna C., providing exposure in Canada. 


Nashville's health and wellness community is about to get an awareness and educational mindest 'booster shot' from the industry's most compassionate advocate for brain health.

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